Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself

This is in part why I’ve been so scarce over the past eighteen months: here is the trailer for my upcoming illustrated edition of Walt Whitman’s poem, “Song of Myself”. The entire 256-page book is written out and illustrated by hand. My publisher Tin House is releasing it on May 13. Pre-orders of the book can be made here. Hope to see you on the book tour.

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5 Responses to Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself

  1. Fabulous book- love the sense of the creative process you get in the video too. It’s about time Whitman’s words were elevated beyond mass-market anthologies and library volumes….

  2. Oliver says:

    Absolutely intriguing work of art! First of all the book itself and the fine lettering and fabulous illustrations depicted, but also the book trailer.
    Best of luck for the launch and I hope you enjoy the book tour as well Allen! Any thoughts about expanding the tour to Europe or maybe appearing at some of the book festivals in the UK!??
    Best wishes, Oliver

  3. Lord Whimsy says:

    Oliver: Thank you for the kind comment. Jonathan Cape, a UK imprint of Random House, will be releasing Whitman Illuminated in early November. I’m doubtful that a tour of the far side of the pond will be in the offing, but you never know. Let’s hope so!

  4. ed s centeno says:

    a group of Walt “Whitmaniacs” will be attending your book release event @ the Rosenbach Museum and Library…. besides the book; any other merchandise available for sale??

    thank you in advance for bringing Whitman’s epic poem to life with your unique and most creative artwork!

    ed s centeno

    sing and celebrate yourself….

  5. Lord Whimsy says:

    Ed: I do know that Tin House has made up book bags and tee shirts, but if you are wanting something like a poster print, you and your friends need to contact Tin House directly. Tin House has the final say on what gets produced.

    See you at the Rosenbach!