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A slightly pedantic note for the acolyte: The occasion or setting will often recommend a particular knot or pocket square fold. (Festive? Sober? Rascally?) Likewise, the style of the collar and the thickness of the tie’s material will help to select an appropriate knot (I have made notations on the charts pertaining to these considerations, which might aid the reader in making a wise selection). Trial and error in these matters can be good fun, but over time, one will gain a sense of what works best, and a personal repertoire will take shape. Enjoy.

Pocket Square Folds:

Tie Knots:

Below is some advice on how to start and maintain a waxed handlebar moustache. Plenty of information exists, but I’ve tried to distill what I’ve found into a simple, useful form (Christian Lipski’s wonderful instructions were the main source, and I now pass them onto you, o gentle reader). A variety of moustache waxes can be found here. Should any advanced practitioners out there be curious about do-it-yourself moustache wax recipes (particularly a Hungarian pomade), visit the UK’s venerable Handlebar Club. Anyone interested in a night-hammock for one’s moustache, well lookie here. I purchase cufflinks on occasion from a woman on 20th St. in Manhattan, and I could swear that I’ve seen antique mother-of-pearl moustache combs and moustache curlers in her dusty display cases. Strange world, isn’t it?

Errant Moustachery:

Terrarium Care Sheet for Mosses, Desert Succulents, Bog Plants, and Indoor Tropicals:

Below is a downloadable pdf care sheet for those interested in making and maintaining a terrarium.

Gardening Care Sheets for Carnivorous Plants:

Below are downloadable pdf care sheets for those interested in cultivating carnivorous plants.

The above links are Adobe PDF documents. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader Software, please click here for your free version.

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