Summer Vacation Was A Blast

Where have I been? Well, I’ve been spending the summer in the early Nineteenth Century, toying with your world’s history without you knowing it while getting some excellent deals on antiques (you might say I charged everything). These are some snapshots from my trip across the Continent. Have to say, I had a grand time: went through a lot of boots, horses, and peasants (I’m a frigging lord, after all). Probably would have stayed if it weren’t for the cholera and syphilis. Yikes.










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2 Responses to Summer Vacation Was A Blast

  1. Justin says:

    Nice! Glad to see that you did your part to conquer the Continent, and came away without the ill effects of the cholera, syphilis, or tuberculosis.

  2. Lord Whimsy says:

    I make allowances for TB: it’s a very stylish disease.