Oddities On The Air

After keeping it under my hat for the entire summer, I am finally free to announce that my friends Evan and Mike, proprietors of the famous Obscura Antiques & Oddities in Manhattan, are the stars of a new Discovery Channel series called “Oddities,” which premieres 9:30pm on Nov. 4th. It airs weekly 9pm Thursdays after the premiere. Sayeth the Post:

“In the first episode, Mike finds a mummified cat in the private collection of “an eccentric artist” (ya think?) but worries it might be putrefying […] He also informs a customer, who thought he had a collection of musket balls, that they’re actually something else entirely […] The second episode finds Evan encountering a puppeteer who’s looking for a prosthetic limb, and a customer who has what appears to be a dead body in the trunk of his car.”

Some of our other friends will be making cameos as well. So if you like mummified heads and Soviet submariner hoods, this is something you might want to watch.

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