Lord Whimsy Drops Dead

The dilettante, fancy-man, and tin grandee known as Lord Whimsy is inviting the public to what he calls a “Jar Opera” at the Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art on Feb 11th, from 6:30 to 9PM. He and his friends will be hosting an evening of masquerades, freak sermons, and belletristic sorcery.

This will be His Lordship’s final farewell, and so this evening is a funeral, albeit a rather unusual one: nature is going out of business and everything must go, including Whimsy.

Filmmaker David Kessler will present a film of bizarre animated lifeforms, and Ben Warfield will don his celestial robes to play his spacey brand of ambient electronic music. Sip tea, sup on healthy treats, and create your own takeaway terrarium with landscape designer Kate Farquar and artist Kaitlin Pomerantz (jars and plants provided).

Guests are encouraged to come dressed in their finest attire, or as the animal or plant of their choosing. The wilder, the better! Let art, nature, and hot tea be your FREE antidote to winter bleakness.

(Poster by the talented fellows at The Heads of State)

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