I Am Dandy: Return of the Elegant Gentleman, out Sept. 25th

Happy to announce that I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman (Gestalten, Berlin) will be released worldwide at the end of this month. The core of the book is comprised of beautiful photographs of sartorially rare birds and their dwellings. For several years my good friend, Rose Callahan has been documenting the worlds of these gentlemen. Profiles and introduction were written by the dandiacally astute Nathaniel “Natty” Adams, whose writings on the topic are among the best I’ve read by any contemporary. I’m one of the lesser lights featured in the book, but some of my good friends make appearances and really bring the proverbial goods. Order it online, or ask for it by name in better bookstores near you.

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5 Responses to I Am Dandy: Return of the Elegant Gentleman, out Sept. 25th

  1. David Harley says:

    George Brummel would be appalled by such ostentatious attire. It is the attire of a macaroni, and no gentleman.

  2. Lord Whimsy says:

    What a tiresome, dull-witted quip, unworthy of the word, “Dandy”! Dandies are NOT gentlemen: They are sly parodies of gentlemen. Dandies are perverse, and as such are engaged in the art of surprise. They do not slavishly follow such dreary straightforward rules: they’re too busy coining rules of their own. Anyone who tells you different is engaged in dandy cosplay.

  3. Lord Whimsy says:

    Just to be clear: I didn’t say they were eccentric. I said they were perverse, which is much more subtle than mere eccentricity. They bend the rules without breaking them, or make new paradoxical ones with which to confuse civilians.

  4. Lord Whimsy says:

    Brummell’s maxim is actually a paradox, since Brummell himself would have turned heads on the streets of his day with the severity of his own unorthodox attire.

  5. Lord Whimsy says:

    Since when are dandies–and more to the point, Italian noblemen–gentlemen?