Citizen Rangers Wanted

Swamp Pink

Spring is here, and that means herps and herbaceous plants! How can you Philadelphia/South Jersey types help defend local wildlife? Here are two suggestions. No degrees or qualifications needed: just boots and a raincoat.

1. Toad Wranglers needed in Roxborough, PA: This week we received an extension for our original permit to detour roads until April 30th. Due to cold weather, toads are continuing to migrate during warm (70’s) and rainy weather. We still need volunteer help through the end of the month. Check the weather and call 267-719-3546 or email to volunteer.

2. Swamp Trekkers needed in South Jersey: The Swamp Pink (Helonias bullata) is now in bloom! Southern NJ is the last true refuge of this threatened species. South Jersey residents who want to help monitor remaining populations of this rare plant can sign up with the NJ Fish & Wildlife Service. See link for further info and downloadable PDF form.

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