Bergdorf Goodman: I Am Dandy Fete

On Thursday evening, Bergdorf Goodman hosted the launch party for Rose Callahan and Nathaniel ‘Natty’ Adams‘ book, I Am Dandy; The Return of the Elegant Gentleman (Gestalten). (It was by invitation only, of course: We’re talking dandies, here. Standards must be kept, you know.) The second floor of Bergdorf’s was absolutely packed: I could barely move, which is saying something since I’m such a runt. There was quite a menagerie of human specimens on display, some of whom looked decadent, even nefarious. It was a comfort knowing that Baron Ambrosia was there, just in case a walk-off or male diva meltdown broke out (Speaking of which: the Baron has confided in me a caper of such magnificence that I cannot resist being a part of it. More later). All lenses were fixed on the ever-photogenic Patrick McDonald, as evidenced by the media’s reportage of the event. As always, with Patrick in the room no other professional peacock stands a chance. And last night, the competition was fierce.

And because no event would be complete without my expecting to be congratulated for putting on clothes, here is my “gentleman ranger” ensemble for the evening: a lean but hardy green tweed suit by Against Nature, blue tie and socks, green pocket square (the colors of the Pine Barrens), and a horseshoe crab pin I got from the NJ Dept of Fish & Wildlife for reporting a tagged crab. It’s not my flashiest ensemble, but it is my favorite: I feel the  personal emblems I don in this particular getup best represent what I’m about. Besides, it was my way of publicly thanking the incredibly generous folks at Against Nature for giving me such a fine suit. And again, my thanks to Rose and Natty for including me in their book: It’s a beautiful object, and one worthy of unseemly pride. Congratulations.

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One Response to Bergdorf Goodman: I Am Dandy Fete

  1. Rose says:

    Wonderful to see you! What a night – and you captured it perfectly in words. xo, r