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Hendrick’s Gin “Apocalyptic Epiphany” Video Series

Over the coming weeks, Hendrick’s Gin will be posting my series of videos on how to best face the coming Apocalypse (The Mayan calendar marks the Apocalypse on Dec. 21st, 2012). Each video will address–and refute–each of the Seven Deadly … Continue reading

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Pocket Square Design

Working up ideas for some pocket squares for a haberdasher (can’t say which one until a design has been finalized). Particularly fond of this one.

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Montreal Style

For those of you who are not bagel connoisseurs, Montreal-style bagels are very different from the usual savory, crisp New York style bagels: Montreal-style bagels are sweeter, chewier. Spread Bagelry off of Rittenhouse Square in Philly is a specialist in … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Had a grand time a few weeks ago on the set of a green screen video shoot (I’ll say more about the project once it’s launched). It took almost an hour to render my entire head uniformly white, and almost … Continue reading

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