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The Whimsy Moth and Pop Shop, Now Open

Friends: over the years, many of you have requested that I offer items bearing my emblem, known to some as “Moth & Bugs,” “United Shires,” or my favorite, “Old Glamor.” The device not only serves as my personal emblem: it … Continue reading

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Orchid Hunting

Spent a long, fun day orchid hunting with our friends Fred and Barbara, who were visiting from Guatemala. Fred has visited us before. Fred is an adventurer in the truest sense: originally from France, he’s been all over the world … Continue reading

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From The Ancient Future

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Whimsy the Giant Killer

Here I am, answering that age-old question: Is it proper to remove one’s jacket before delivering a hammer blow to the ribcage of an exceptionally tall magician lying prone on a bed of nails? A rather obscure point to make, … Continue reading

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A Chat With Glenn O’Brien

Our man Glenn O’Brien outlines what it means to be a modern dandy on NPR’s Sound of Young America.

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Hidden River Expedition: A Talk With Arthur

Each Summer, I help the local Quakers with their bat counts. The attic of their meeting house, built in 1775, is home to a colony of large brown bats. As you know, white nose syndrome has decimated regional bat populations, … Continue reading

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A Good Spot for Berries

Blueberries are my favorite fruit, and it’s blueberry season! We went out into the bogs last evening and picked about two pounds of wild lowbush blueberry, highbush blueberry, and huckleberry. It was a good excuse to be out in the … Continue reading

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Peale’s Fabled Greenhouse

This week I visited what remains of Belfield, the onetime country estate of naturalist and artist, Charles Willson Peale. The property is now part of LaSalle University’s campus, but one can still make out much of the topography that was … Continue reading

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Last year, my friend Les gave me some old issues of a 50’s-era men’s magazine called Gentry. (Apparently there’s a Bay Area magazine by the same name that still exists, but I’m not sure if it is the same publication. … Continue reading

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Eat Your Coney Island

The Missus and I attended the genteel, refined Coney Island Mermaid Parade this Saturday. As someone who grew up around dirty old seaside boardwalks, I felt very much at home amid the color and clamor. Everyone was friendly and groovy, … Continue reading

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