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Voodoo Lily

The voodoo lily is now in bloom: it’s kind of an annual event here at the house. They only last for a day or so, but they certainly put on a show. The spathes are about eighteen inches long, and … Continue reading

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Book? Film? Well?

I am often asked–usually by women–if Mr. Depp’s production company Infinitum Nihil still retains the film rights to my book. Naturally any sensible, red-blooded man who enjoys receiving endless, shameless flirtations from The Fairer Sex would lie and say “yes.” … Continue reading

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The Kent Wang Treatment

Mr. Kent Wang sent these lovely items to me a couple weeks ago, in the hopes that I might promptly model a few of them for his online haberdashery. I apologize to Kent for not doing this sooner, but I … Continue reading

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Lord Whimsy’s Wilderness Show-n-Tell

Fri. May 20, 7PM: Random Tea Room, Philadelphia “Lord Whimsy’s Wilderness Show-n-Tell” Author, artist, and gentleman bushwhacker Lord Whimsy will give a casual, conversational presentation about the NJ Pine Barrens, the largest tract of remaining wilderness on the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard. … Continue reading

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John Luther Adams

I’m really enjoying the wilderness-inspired work of contemporary Alaskan composer John Luther Adams.

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Interview With The Mermaid

Carolyn Turgeon, author of Mermaid, recently interviewed me on the subject of, well, mermaids. Having grown up near the ocean, I do have some experience with them, and happily lend some insights on the subject of finned filles. A friendly … Continue reading

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These boots are made for gawking

Goodness, I’ve been asleep at the switch! My old friend Kurt has hipped me to the poulaine scene currently raging in Mexico. Of course, VBS has already done a piece on it, so enjoy.

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Well, this was certainly a long time coming, wasn’t it? Welcome to the new Lord Whimsy site! After years in virtual exile, I have come home at last. The blog–blogue–is now the heart of the site, where it belongs. My … Continue reading

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Cosmorama Opening Party

Fri. May 27: The Coney Island Museum Cosmorama opening party I will be serving as host of the grand opening party of the Cosmorama, a 360 degree immersive spectacle in the style of the mighty cycloramas of the 19th Century. … Continue reading

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My Beardless Days

Here’s an ancient video that I have finally uploaded onto my own YouTube channel. Looking back, the beard was indeed a wise decision.

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