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Folk Abstraction

I would have loved to have seen this incredible collection of 650 quilts in person. It was on display at the Park Avenue Armory this week only, ending today. To have them up so briefly is understandable (we’re talking about … Continue reading

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Spotted: 30th Street Station, Philadelphia

Remember when I predicted that I’d be king by 2012? Yeah, nailed that one.

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Membrane (jotted doggerel)

A crumpled paper bagcartwheelsacross the town’s frozen lakeand snags itself ona fang of cinderblocktossed from the footbridge by neighborhood kids.Each cold, leadwhite morningthe bricksgrow in numberbite into the ice ‘til the groggy-eyed Springrouses, decides that stony winter teeth cannotbe trusted … Continue reading

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Snapping Turtle Skull

Found this beautiful object today while scouting for Pyxidanthera blooms. The largest snapping turtle skull I’ve ever found–as large as my fist. This turtle was quite large; it must have weighed 70lbs. and must have been over 50 years old. … Continue reading

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Small Terrariums

Made these for Random Tea Room in Philadelphia. Come visit them.

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The Emperor Jones

Iron Age Theatre‘s production of Eugene O’Neill’s descent into madness, The Emperor Jones, is in its final weekend. For those unfamiliar with this classic early modernist play: An escaped criminal turned tyrant flees from his muderous subjects, who hunt him … Continue reading

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Deborah Zlotsky

Some of the best abstract work I’ve seen in some time. More of her work here.

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Sending Out A Warm Signal to the World

Silke Sieler is a motion graphics designer based in Hamburg, Germany. She is attracted to the abstract forms, movements, and metamophoses of small organisms. I think Ernst Haeckel would have appreciated this.

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Two Pink Spring Flowers

The Cultivated: Prunus mume ‘Kobai,’ a Japanese apricot. Blooms around the same time as forsythia. A young tree, but already a heavy bloomer. The blooms smell like cinnamon. Grows very quickly once established (3 ft per year), but blooms are … Continue reading

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What Are They?

These were found by a friend while we were on a botanizing excursion last week. What could they be: lion cages for a flea circus? Our best guess is that these are shipping containers for queen bees. Upon arrival, a … Continue reading

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