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Spring Hath Sprung

Spring has begun. To those not hip to the plant scene, this proclamation may seem a tad premature. However, plant lovers can feel the rumble as mottled, claw-like spathes of skunk cabbage erupt from the frozen, wet soil in low-lying … Continue reading

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Clockwork Creatures

Visited the Guinness Automaton Collection at the Morris Museum this Sunday. In the storage archives below the museum, we saw hundreds of automatons in all shapes and sizes. Above is a video of one of the automatons. You can also … Continue reading

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Bill Cunningham: Flaneur Emeritus

Looking forward to seeing this.

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Let’s Go Be Bugs (A Valentine)

Let’s go be bugsJust you and just meScootin’ round the mudAnd climbin’ up the tree Let’s steal some aphidsThey taste pretty sweetMake the farmer antsStamp their wee black feet I’ll be your beetleYou can be my fleaHold your little hand—Hey, … Continue reading

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Paperwhite Narcissus

Fare thee well, paperwhite narcissus. Your cheerful blooms and lovely scent sustained us through these, the coldest days of the year. (Yes–the curtains are atrocious. They were wisely left behind by the previous owners, but I couldn’t bring myself to … Continue reading

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A New Blogue

Hey, friends: my wife has set up one of these fancy online journals for our studio. Won’t you stop by for a visit? She promises charming images and delicious recipes.

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Rarefind Nursery Witch Hazel Festival

Enjoy flowers in February, and fragrance too! This is the height of the witch hazel bloom season. Andrew Bunting of the Scott Arboretum will do a slide presentation on his favorites and answer questions. Rarefind Nursery carries a very large … Continue reading

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Remember Heat?

On a cold, wet day like this, it’s good to reflect on that inescapable three-month heatwave we had last summer. So hot, my head sprouted feathers!

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To Puxatawny Phil: A Thinly Veiled Threat

A selection from my collection of doggerel.

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Jan Švankmajer: Historia Naturae

Each Phylum is paired with a musical genre. FYI for you Quay Brothers fans: Jan Švankmajer was their main inspiration. But you already knew that, didn’t you, you smart cookie?

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