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Hand-Knit Pocket Square

A brilliant musicologist friend of mine, in addition to teaching, is in the final paces of writing a book. To unwind and to clear her head before bedtime, she knits–and has become very good at it (very long, slender fingers). … Continue reading

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Bedtime Fable

Seems to me that there aren’t enough bedtime stories and fables for children on these here internets…so here’s one for you and your pups. If you don’t like it, fine–but please keep in mind that it was written and offered … Continue reading

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That Bottom Button, Marooned by Tradition

I’m very much with The Grumpy Owl when he says: Convention says that one should always leave the bottom button undone. I hold to that convention. But I don’t like it very much. The tradition originated in the court of … Continue reading

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The Time Hack

“The Time Hack is an experiment aimed at exploring whether our perception of time is influenced by our actions. “The year-long project aims to test whether time itself is flexible and whether our brains measure time differently than the clocks … Continue reading

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Naturalist Wall of the Dead

Richard Conniff, author of The Species Seekers, asks in his op-ed piece for the NY Times: “We go to great lengths commemorating soldiers who have died fighting wars for their countries. Why not do the same for the naturalists who … Continue reading

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Jacobus in the 14th Century on Fairies

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The Frontier Is Everywhere

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Rancocas Creek

My usual kayak route in winter.

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A band that deserves far more attention.

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The Sartorialist

When I think of Scott Schumann’s Sartorialist blog, I can’t help but associate it with Baudelaire’s The Painter of Modern Life, and the idea of the flâneur, the wandering urban aesthete who takes in the sensed qualities of his time … Continue reading

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