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Oh Darn

Stranded in a spacetime nexus of some sort. On the bright side, I’ve always wanted a small boat.

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Pine Barrens Deathcamas Green Wood Orchid

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An Orchidaceous Outing

Thanks to my fellow botanizers Michael Hogan and Rich Beck, I had the privilege this week of visiting a remarkably rich orchid site. Below are photos and captions of the orchids we saw that morning (more on my Flickr photostream). … Continue reading

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White Fringed Orchid

The Platanthera blephariglottis are beginning to bloom!

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Rough Green Snake

Was checking on a stand of orchids today, only to be greeted by this splendid little fellow slipping about the underbrush. Rough Green Snake (Opheodrys aestivus) is probably my favorite species of Pine Barrens Snake. It’s small, slender, graceful, and … Continue reading

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I’m Being Observed

My good friend Joanna Ebenstein of Observatory has kindly asked that I come up to chat with you Brooklyn types. See you on August 5th? Nature as Miniaturist: An Illustrated Survey of the Bogs of Southern New Jersey An Illustrated … Continue reading

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Ox Beetle

This unfortunate ox beetle (Strategus antaeus) picked the worst possible day to venture out. The sand must have been at least 130 degrees F. The ox beetle was a dried husk before it could even cross the sandy trail. Looks … Continue reading

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It’s Hot

Was out on the pygmy pine plains today. I think it almost hit 105 degrees F. Pine cones, which usually open when exposed to fire, were cracking open on the trees like popcorn. Unlike most of our heat waves, this … Continue reading

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