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Gilding the Lily

Attended the Mark Ryden opening last night at Paul Kasmin. My own personal layman’s take on the show is probably neither compelling nor different from what you’ll read elsewhere, but since I am a river to my people, here you … Continue reading

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Whimsical Convergences, Part II

My investigations at the Mark Ryden opening in New York this evening unearthed yet more evidence of the world’s inexorable drift towards total and utter whimsification. As you can see in the photo above, the coincidences have amassed into an … Continue reading

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Forest Oasis

Juniper moss growing on pincushion moss.

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First Morels of the Season

This Monday, I trekked into the fresh green curtain of forest to hunt morels with my friend Laura, who really seems to have a knack for finding the little devils. This is a very modest batch, but it’s still early … Continue reading

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Kimiko Yoshida

Poet Nada Gordon recently posted on her Facebook page about the artist Kimiko Yoshida, whose self-portraits are very beautiful and intriguing.

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On Mount Vernon

This week, I had the opportunity to visit Mount Vernon, Washington’s great estate. Family lore has it that we were once Cohee Virginia farmers (a couple of whom may have served under Washington himself), so I always indulge in a … Continue reading

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A Day at the Races

Opening day at Chester Downs for a day of gin and tonics, sunshine, and sulky racing. If “Hickory Louie” didn’t hang back in the third race’s final turn, I’d still have a house. And a wife. So much for my … Continue reading

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Whimsical Convergences

Is it me, or are things taking a decidedly Whimsical turn these days? I present to you the following evidence, sent to me by my army of spies: Exhibit A Exhibit B Well, that was fun. Are there any other … Continue reading

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Blessed are the Dogwood

Our old, large dogwood tree has simply outdone itself this year: for almost two weeks now, it has been so heavy with huge, white blooms that it lights up the entire neighborhood. Some of these blooms are over five inches … Continue reading

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The Hunt is Nigh

I’m off to my mushroom hunting grounds tomorrow, for I have a strong hunch that this warm, rainy night may herald the start of wild morel season. Morels have an earthy but delicate flavor with a creamy texture. Lovely on … Continue reading

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