Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself

This is in part why I’ve been so scarce over the past eighteen months: here is the trailer for my upcoming illustrated edition of Walt Whitman’s poem, “Song of Myself”. The entire 256-page book is written out and illustrated by hand. My publisher Tin House is releasing it on May 13. Pre-orders of the book can be made here. Hope to see you on the book tour.

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Childe Quentin, A Tale of Grift

Here’s an old animation that I slapped together from old artwork lying around the studio, sometime around 2002, I think. I’m finally getting around to getting these old Flash animations into Quicktime format and uploaded onto YouTube. This one seems the most appropriate for readers of APC I, so here you are. Enjoy.

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Head Shot for Tin House

Been very busy making preparations for my book’s launch in May. This week I painted a canvas banner for the book tour; it served as a handy backdrop when I needed a head shot for my publisher’s PR department today (this is my “smug furniture designer” photo). The vermillion color really brings out my veins.

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The Importance of Audience

If you want to hear an interesting theory about the folly of democracy in culture (society is another matter), and why the use of wit in writing is now such a hard sell in American publishing circles, go to the 19-minute mark of this video.

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Metrolit Verlag’s Edition of The Affected Provincial’s Companion Vol. I

The German edition of my first book arrived today. It’s quite handsome: Metrolit Verlag did a beautiful job with the crisp design. My thanks to Barbel and everyone at Metrolit!

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Hooves of the Devil

People ask me (they do!) what are my favorite shoes, and without any hesitation I say Florsheim’s Duke line of ankle boots. I don’t go in for prissy John Lobbs or that sort of precious “Old Bean” fetish gear: It’s not my world. Hell, it’s not anyone’s world, anymore. It’s cosplay! The shoes I’m talking about are inexpensive, but beautifully made. Classic cut. Black. Clean lines. Zippers. Leather soles. Wooden heels. None of that elastic band and rubber soles metrosexual nonsense. These boots are true old-school chariots, long worn by the soaplocks, lounge lizards, pool sharks, preachers, guttersnipes, frontmen, wise guys, hustlers, and pimps of the Greater Mid-Atlantic. They force you to walk (and dance The Slop) on the balls of your feet, like a nimble sex panther, like a lynx across the cobblestone wildernesses of places like Philly or Brooklyn. Best of all: SQUARES CAN’T PULL THEM OFF. So get to know them.
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Bergdorf Goodman: I Am Dandy Fete

On Thursday evening, Bergdorf Goodman hosted the launch party for Rose Callahan and Nathaniel ‘Natty’ Adams‘ book, I Am Dandy; The Return of the Elegant Gentleman (Gestalten). (It was by invitation only, of course: We’re talking dandies, here. Standards must be kept, you know.) The second floor of Bergdorf’s was absolutely packed: I could barely move, which is saying something since I’m such a runt. There was quite a menagerie of human specimens on display, some of whom looked decadent, even nefarious. It was a comfort knowing that Baron Ambrosia was there, just in case a walk-off or male diva meltdown broke out (Speaking of which: the Baron has confided in me a caper of such magnificence that I cannot resist being a part of it. More later). All lenses were fixed on the ever-photogenic Patrick McDonald, as evidenced by the media’s reportage of the event. As always, with Patrick in the room no other professional peacock stands a chance. And last night, the competition was fierce.

And because no event would be complete without my expecting to be congratulated for putting on clothes, here is my “gentleman ranger” ensemble for the evening: a lean but hardy green tweed suit by Against Nature, blue tie and socks, green pocket square (the colors of the Pine Barrens), and a horseshoe crab pin I got from the NJ Dept of Fish & Wildlife for reporting a tagged crab. It’s not my flashiest ensemble, but it is my favorite: I feel the  personal emblems I don in this particular getup best represent what I’m about. Besides, it was my way of publicly thanking the incredibly generous folks at Against Nature for giving me such a fine suit. And again, my thanks to Rose and Natty for including me in their book: It’s a beautiful object, and one worthy of unseemly pride. Congratulations.

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“I Am Dandy” has arrived!

Just received my copy of Rose Callahan’s and Natty Adams’ magnum opus, I Am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman (Gestalten). I was amazed at the number and variety of profiles in this book: quite a menagerie of personalities. I look forward to reading the profiles. I’m the potato in the rose garden of course (Compared to the other exquisites, martinets and peacocks, I’m rather shabbily clad), but I’m deeply flattered to have been included. Thank you, Rose and Natty!

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Summer Vacation Was A Blast

Where have I been? Well, I’ve been spending the summer in the early Nineteenth Century, toying with your world’s history without you knowing it while getting some excellent deals on antiques (you might say I charged everything). These are some snapshots from my trip across the Continent. Have to say, I had a grand time: went through a lot of boots, horses, and peasants (I’m a frigging lord, after all). Probably would have stayed if it weren’t for the cholera and syphilis. Yikes.










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October: Death in LA

Yet another announcement: In mid-October I’ll be in LA for Death Salon, where I’ll be serving as a Johnny-on-the-spot and all-purpose master of ceremonies. So many of my favorite people will be there–should be a grand time. Hope to see you there. For tickets and more info, go here.

(Image by Paul Koudounaris)

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